Viking Re-enactment Hedeby/Haithabu/Birka style bag

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Amongst many other hobbies, my wife and I are Viking re-enactors (well someone has to do it) and we set out to make bags for our own use. We were so pleased with the comments we received that we decided to offer them for sale on a commission/custom basis.

The bag tops are made from Linden wood or Ash and are based closely on actual finds from the Viking period, straps are veg tanned leather and all fittings are bronze or brass. The bags are hand sewn and will satisfy any authenticity officer.

The cloth version is 100% wool and is dyed a natural early medieval colour. The lining is 100% linen (no cotton) and all thread is linen.

The leather versions are made from veg-tanned shoulder for the main body and goat skin for the gusset, all hand sewn using linen thread. Bags can be supplied unlined If preferred, which keeps the cost down.

Please note the prices vary from £40 for a small leather bag, £60 for the woollen version complete with linen lining, the large leather bag will be around £120 with linen liner and bronze ornamentation. Being custom items we can, of course, produce bags of different dimensions and colours but those shown here are as authentic as we could manage.

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