Handmade and decorated Leather Eyepatch

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Like my popular 'standard' eyepatch, these patches are more then just for 'dressing up' or being 'piraty'.

They are moulded in an identical mould and use the same high quality veg tanned leather as my other patches but are decorated with stitching, stamping or embossing to make them a little bit special.

They have the same deep profile to ensure they clear even the longest eyelashes and are every bit as comfortable as the standard patch, meaning they can be worn all day without discomfort.

These decorated patches are NOT toys but can be fun:)

The price is higher to reflect the extra time taken in decorating but we think they are worth the extra.

My personal favourite is the stitched version, proper linen thread is used and saddle stitch employed for a really authentic look.

They can be stitched using coloured waxed polyester thread in Red, Yellow or Blue, other colours on the way. Other decorations are possible of course, embossing, stamping and so on. All the usual colours are available plus the new variants, red, green, purple and blue. If you have any ideas just drop me a line with what you have in mind. Whatever decoration you choose, the eyepatch will be comfortable and a pleasure to wear all day long.

Thanks for looking.

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