Leather Hand Made flat profile eyepatch

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Over the years I have been asked for an eyepatch that will fit under eyeglasses. I have finally got around to creating an eyepatch that will do the job.

It is made from 1mm veg tanned leather, roughly half the thickness of my moulded convex eyepatches.

I have experimented with straps secured with velcro rather than the regular leather thonging, and will offer these with either fixing method. But I think that thonging is still the simplest most reliable method, please trust me on this, I have been making these since 2013 🙂

These flatter profile patches will not clear eyelashes, but this is an inevitable trade off I am afraid, however, this might not be an issue for many users. If you need a comfortable functional eyepatch please check out my other listings, but if you need a flat patch, maybe to fit under eyeglasses, this could be for you.

Available in Black, English Tan, Saddle Tan, Dark Brown, Blue, Purple, Green and Red.

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