About us

Here at Blackwater Leather we specialise in marine leather and nothing else. Having acquired our own old gaff rigged boat we quickly found that although leatherworkers are about very few specialised in marine applications.

So we set about researching and developing a range of techniques and materials specific to the marine environment.

As a result, we can now offer the quality and care one would expect from bespoke leatherworkers with the added bonus that you may rest assured that the materials used, the leather treatments applied, and the construction and installation are specifically chosen for the demands of marine use.


Our Services

Blackwater Leather offers a range of products and services at very competitive rates. As an added bonus we do all of this with a smile!

  • Gaff Jaw refurbishment.
  • Sprit Traveller re-leather.
  • Anti-chafe patches.
  • Fender brackets.
  • Mooring line patches.
  • Oar leathering.

We also produce custom made phone cases, tool rolls and just about anything.

All our products are hand-stitched and finished using only the very finest veg-tanned hides. The products you buy are the same as the those we use on our own boat, so you may be assured of the quality and functionality of everything we offer.

Hand sewing
Hand sewing