Custom Work

Due to the nature of the marine environment and the fact that all of us use our boats in different ways it is not possible to offer a detailed price list. However, if you would like to email us a photograph of your job, add the dimensions and any special requirements we will design and cost your commission then provide you with an estimate that you are free to decline or accept.

How can we do all this at no cost to you? Because we know we are competitive on price and we are sure our workmanship is superior, our materials are better and you will not want to deal with anyone else!
A very few items we produce are standard, mobile phone cases have proved very popular for example and these retail at between £20 and £35.


As a rough example, to re-leather a bowsprit traveller one would expect the price to be between £45 and £65 depending on size.  Oars that need leathering usually work out at around £45.  But please remember that we do not tack the leather in place, we use the tradtional cross-stitch and shrink on method.  This preserves the varnish beneath the leather and does not offer any holes for water to find its way into your precious wood.  Takes longer but is the correct, seamanlike, way of doing things.