A Really Good Idea, but…

My son suggested that a time lapse video of some of the more regular jobs might be a good idea. Gaffjaw re-leathering, Bowsprit traveller leather, Shroud Cover’s being made.

This is easier said than done however. It involves fixing a camera on a tripod aimed over ones shoulder and pointing at the work in hand. I understand that newfangled iPhones can do this and that they can be set to take a snap every few seconds, minutes or whatever.

But what if one toddles of to make a cuppa? Or answer a call of nature, or forget about the camera and pop out for a few hours! Not a very interesting video! Still, undeterred I promise to try again😄

Anyway, for now these pics will have to serve to give at least an idea of the process involved in re-leathering a gaff saddle.

Promise to try harder and post a video very soon👍

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