And for today’s trick…

We will be making a holster for a metal detecting trowel.

“Evolution” produce very robust and hard wearing digging trowels, but they do not supply holsters. No problem, I made this holster/sheath from 1.5mm veg tanned shoulder, this holster will last for many years. It is stitched using tough polyester thread and is re-enforced with stainless rivets in strategic places.

It is open-ended to allow dirt and water to escape from the bottom of the holster, rather than having to remove from the belt and tip upside down. Please don’t ask how I know this 🙂

Although I made this for my own use, I would be happy to make something similar for fellow Detectorists, however, I would need to have your trowel to ensure a good fit.

I estimate the price would be around £30, depending on size etc.

Belt loop integrated with the body of the sheath for strength.

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