Every day presents a new challenge!

You never know what lies around the next corner.  We recieved a rather unusual commision the other day.  Nothing to do with boats but a challenge all the same, just the way we like it!

A customer came into our workshop and we got chatting about this and that.  Somehow the conversation got around to his wrist problems, a mixture of RSI and Carple Tunnel Syndrome.  This customer has to wear a wrist support constantly to protect the affected part of his wrist and the commercially available ones are made from synthetic materials, which after repeated wearing, can become a smelly and unpleasant.  They are made from foam and nylon with velcro fasteners.

Having a few minutes to spare we had a look and came up with an alternative design using 100% leather.  The reasoning being that leather would not harbour the nasty bacteria that make man made materials unhygenic.

Now, we do not claim to be ‘surgical appliance specialists’ but we were rather pleased with the end result, as was our customer.

Wrist Support 2Wrist Support 1

We used 2mm veg-tanned shoulder for the main body of the support and soft veg-tanned side for the inside. After much trial and error we settled on press studs for the straps and adjustment is provided with laces. Simple and effective.

To give the whole support protection from the elements it was stained using an oil based dye and several applications of leather dressing.  Finally we applied two coats of polish to provide a touch of luxury!

The customer lives in the USA, not far from LA and we were concerned that returning it for adjustments would be difficult and expensive, so we added leather laces that can quickly and easily take up any give in the leather that may occur due to wear over time.

Wrist Support 3

Wrist support 4 So there you are.  No matter how unusual your request, if it can be made out of leather, we can make it for you.  Just drop us a line at blackwaterleather@gmail.com and describe what you need, with a day time telephone number and we will get back to you for a chat.

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