Eyepatches that changed my life (for a few weeks anyway)

Although the vast majority of the eyepatches I make are for people who need one for medical or cosmetic reasons, I do get asked for “Pirate” eyepatches with a skull and crossbones embossed, and am happy to do that. Another, only slightly less popular variant is the “Avengers” style.

Now, it might be hard to believe but I had no idea that the MCU (google it) was even a thing. After watching one film to see the eyepatch style I became hooked and have since purchased every single “Avengers” film plus spin offs. So having blown any profit in that style of eyepatch I thought maybe I could re-coup some of the losses by adding it to the Etsy shop.

The eyepatch is loosely based on that worn by… but you know who I am talking about of course.

It is, however, a fully functional eyepatch, with a deep convex shape for comfortable wear and is made from 100% veg tanned leather, polished to a high gloss and completed with a leather strap and small buckle. As an eyepatch wearer myself, I do not like buckles, either too loose or too tight but, hey, you can not argue with Hollywood.

If there is a particular style of eyepatch you fancy, drop me a line. Who knows there might be another movie franchise I have not discovered😄

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