All weather Eyepatch

Several months ago, a sea captain (yes really) ordered a standard eyepatch following surgery on an eye. It was duly despatched and positive feedback was received. However after a few weeks I received an email from him asking how to reattach one of the straps. I explained how and recommended the same leather glue we use here. A few days later another email from him explained that the straps “kept falling off”. This go me thinking and after contacting him I learned that he lived and worked in the South China Sea, hot and damp. A short while later I received a similar email from a chap living In Edinburgh, Scotland, not noted for its dry sunny climate.

So a need seemed to be there, for an eyepatch for outdoor use In inclement weather… and here it is😄

How does it differ from a standard eyepatch? Firstly the attachment method for the straps. Although the press and glue functions perfectly well for 99% of customers, in constantly damp conditions it can ‘let go’, so, on these eyepatches the strap is passed through the hole and is secured with heat shrink tubing, no glue involved. Although it is slightly bulkier the trade off is unavoidable for a weatherproof fixing.

Secondly, rather than traditional leather polish, these patches are treated to a special acrylic coating that imparts a shine, but importantly, is fully waterproof. The acrylic is applied both sides, inside and out, to fully protect the leather.

So there you have it, for use in inclement weather or hot humid environments please choose the All-weather Eyepatch.

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