New Location – New Ideas

Running a small business like this, it is very easy to fall into a rut. You carry on doing what you have always done, business ticks over and all is well.

From time to time however, new ideas and innovation spring up from unlikely sources. The latest for me was when a customer asked for a blue eyepatch. Blue? But eyepatches are always black or brown or tan are they not? Good enough for pirates and Marvel Superheroes after all. To cut a long story short I looked into the process and ordered some blue dye. It works really well, especially with matching thread colours.

Custom eyepatch, blue waxed thread and blue dye.

So, prodded out of my complacency, I ordered a range of dyes and experimented. Some colours work really well and others not so good. I have put together the colours that I think really work well and have added them to the Etsy Shop, blue, purple, green red and so on are the new black!!!

The new colour range available not only for eyepatches but all the products available on the Etsy shop.

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